libamqpcpp - C++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ

License: Apache v2
AMQP-CPP is a C++ library for communicating with a RabbitMQ message broker.
The library can be used to parse incoming data from a RabbitMQ server, and
to generate frames that can be sent to a RabbitMQ server.

This library has a layered architecture, and allows you - if you like - to
completely take care of the network layer. If you want to set up and manage
the network connections yourself, the AMQP-CPP library will not make a
connection to RabbitMQ by itself, nor will it create sockets and/or perform
IO operations. As a user of this library, you create the socket connection
and implement a certain interface that you pass to the AMQP-CPP library and
that the library will use for IO operations.


libamqpcpp-2.7.4-1.el7.nuxref.x86_64 [235 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-08-30):
- Initial Build