postgis - Geographic Information Systems Extensions to PostgreSQL

License: GPLv2+
PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational
database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the PostgreSQL server,
allowing it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic information
systems (GIS), much like ESRI's SDE or Oracle's Spatial extension. PostGIS
follows the OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been
certified as compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.


postgis-2.3.2-4.el7.nuxref.src [25.7 MiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-12-16):
- Fixed spec dependencies
postgis-2.3.2-3.el7.nuxref.src [25.7 MiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-05-12):
- Rebuilt for CentOS 7.x