nodejs-grunt - Grunt is a JavaScript library used for automation and running tasks

License: MIT
Grunt is the JavaScript task runner. Why use a task runner? In one word:
automation. The less work you have to do when performing repetitive tasks
like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc, the easier
your job becomes. After you've configured it, a task runner can do most
of that mundane work for you with basically zero effort.


nodejs-grunt-0.4.5-2.el7.nuxref.src [28 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-02-19):
- fixed findup-sync versioning dependencies
nodejs-grunt-0.4.5-1.el7.nuxref.src [28 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2015-04-15):
- update to upstream release 0.4.5