nzbget-script-notify - A notification service for NZBGet that supports a variety of services

License: GPLv3
Provides a wrapper that can be integrated with NZBGet allowing you to notify
just about anything using a series of supported services such as
KODI (XBMC), Prowl, Growl, PushBullet, NotifyMyAndroid, Toasty, Pushalot,
Boxcar, Faast. It supports pushing information as an HTTP POST request to
structured as either a JSON or XML (SOAP structure) message. It can also just
support sending simple emails notifications too.

The script can also be used as a standalone tool and called from the
command line allowing it to support a lot more tools besides NZBGet.


nzbget-script-notify-0.6.0-1.el6.nuxref.src [1000 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-07-05):
- Updated to v0.6.0
nzbget-script-notify-0.5.0-1.el6.nuxref.src [980 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2016-08-10):
- Updated to v0.5.0