nagios-devel - Header files, libraries and development documentation for nagios

License: GPL
Vendor: Nagios Enterprises (
This package contains the header files, static libraries and development
documentation for nagios. If you are a NEB-module author or wish to
write addons for Nagios using Nagios' own API's, you should install
this package.


nagios-devel-4.2.2-4.el6.nuxref.x86_64 [74 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2017-02-07):
- added obsolete entry in spec for nagios-common so that
  nagios-common is not required anymore (eliminating conflicts)
nagios-devel-4.2.0-2.el6.nuxref.x86_64 [73 KiB] Changelog Chris Caron (2016-08-31):
- nagios config path granted write permissions for group allowing third party
  tools to easily plug in by just typing: usermod -a -G nagios <3rdpartyid>